Sunday, June 06, 2010

Trip to Houston Zoo

Well, I've been in Houston for almost 9 years and I finally went to the zoo! While it was a long time in the making, I'm sure glad I waited to go with my main man Jaxson (and don't forget Jessica too! LOL)!

We went on Sunday, May 30th and had a great day! I think we were all amazed with the animals!

Corley Crew

Dad and Jaxson



Checking out the Giraffes

Baby Elephant

Strange Hog (forgot the official name)

Prettiest Lady at the Zoo that day (it's true, I took a poll)



Petting Zoo

Checking out the Prairie Dogs

Prairie Dogs

Mom and Jaxson on Carousel

Dad and Jaxson on Carousel

Riding Train in Hermann Park


1 comment:

laura said...

Aww... you have an amazing family Cody!!! Many more blessings to you two for being amazing parents to that handsome little man!

:) - Laura