Sunday, July 18, 2010

Nichols Family Visit

Brian Nichols and his family came to Houston this weekend for a much-needed visit. Brian's son, Kaden, is a year older than Jaxson. It goes without saying that these two little boys had a fun-filled weekend!

Kaden and Jaxson in the backyard

Sesame Street must be on the TV

Kristene and the boys playing

Coincidentally, Brian and Jaxson shop at the same stores!

Add Image Kaden and Jaxson in front of the SHARK tank!

Touching Starfish and Urchins

Brian, Heather, Kaden, Jessica, Cody, and Jaxson


Rainforest Cafe

Cody and Jaxson

Corley Crew


Kaden and Kristene

Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 4th

We had a big July 4th in Houston this year. Our neighborhood had their annual bike parade. While Jaxson's not quite big enough to ride his tricycle, he is big enough to cruise in his Radio Flyer wagon!

After the parade, we enjoyed a day filled with ice cream, watermelon, swimming, and fajitas! It was a great day!

Jaxson loved the firetruck!

Dad and Jaxson

He wasn't real sure about sitting in the driver's seat

Lined up behind the firetruck - ready for the parade to begin

Mom and Jaxson

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

Seedless, Ice-Cold Watermelon....YUM!

Taking a Dip

Growing too Fast!

Galveston Day Trip

We took Jaxson to Galveston for a day trip back in mid-June....running a little behind on my photo postings! Enjoy!

Thursday, July 08, 2010

NASA JSC Director's Award

I recently received the NASA JSC Director's Commendation Award for my work in the Space Shuttle Program! The ceremony was a month or so ago, but I just recently got the picture. Check it out!

Cody with JSC Center Director, Mike Coats (former astronaut)