Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dec. 25 - Christmas in Rusk

On Christmas morning we loaded up and zipped over to Rusk to be with Jessica's family. Needless to say, Jaxson had another exciting, toy-filled day! Merry Christmas!

Jaxson on his first horsey ride!
Jaxson loved his new horsey

Brandi, Aaron, Abby, and Jaxson



Lisa, Brandi, and Abby


Daniel and Lisa


Cameron (back to camera), Elaine, Jessica, Aaron, Brandi, and Lisa

Dec. 24 - Christmas Eve in Cushing

We spent Christmas Eve in Cushing with my side of the family. We had a great time! There are always plenty of laughs to be had and memories to be made when our bunch gets together. LOL!
Jaxson's attempt to decorate Aunt Jocey's head

Jaxson got a pair of Elmo Hands from Nanny and Papa Joe! They correspond to a DVD so that we can play along with Elmo.

A small "starter" goal for Jaxson!

A big set of tunnels... I must admit, I tried crawling through these with him and I barely could squeeze out the end. I better just continue to be a spectator from here on out or I may get stuck next time!

Jaxson really had fun ripping the paper

Jaxson laughing at his Nanny!

Jaxson received a karaoke machine and loved it! He even got a personalize CD that have the Veggie Tales characters saying his name! Really cool! You can see in the above video that Jaxson and his newborn cousin Jace really enjoyed singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"!

Everyone singing to "If You're Happy and You Know It"

Dec. 20 - Moody Gardens Festival of Lights

While in the Christmas Spirit, Jessica and I felt the need to experience a few Christmas lights this year. So, we loaded up and drove to Galveston for a night. We stayed at a hotel on the Seawall and dined at the kid friendly Rainforest Cafe. Jaxson really enjoyed the huge fish tanks! We then went to the Moody Gardens Festival of Lights. It was our first time to go and we really enjoyed ourselves!

Below are just a few pictures that we took...however, the pictures don't really reflect how fantastic the lights really are. You should go check it out if you've never been!

Dad and Jaxson

Jaxson and Mama



We couldn't keep up with the litte guy!



Moody Station

Present Wrapper

Dec. 20 - Santa in Houston

Since we were traveling up to East Texas for the Holidays, I placed a call into the North Pole this year. Santa granted us a special favor by delivering Jaxson's presents to our home in Houston early. Jaxson must have really been on Santa's "nice" list!

Mom arose early to find what Santa had left. So, she made sure Dad was up with the video camera in hand so that we could capture Jaxson's reactions to his new gifts.

Jaxson's new kitchen and picnic table

Who wants breakfast?

Jaxson loves whipping up some "ice cream" for everyone to taste!

Santa left Jaxson with a starter train set

Ernie and Rubber Ducky bathtub toy

Tearing them open

Where to Begin?

Spring will be here soon - BASEBALL TIME!

Dec. 19 - Children's Museum

One of Jaxson's classmates, Carson Procknow, had a big birthday party at the Children's Museum here in Houston. Talk about FUN! We all went to the party and spent a day at the museum playing with all types of cool toys!

Jaxson and Dad working the "gears"

Trying to get Jaxson to turn the knobs

Building cars for the race track!

Who's enjoying this more? Hmm...

Race Car Time!

HEB Grocery Store for Kids

Jaxson and Mama

Down Periscope!

Lifting Weights

Crawling in the Maze

Dec. 18 - Jaxson's Daycare X-Mas Party

Jaxson's daycare held their annual Christmas Party on December 18. Naturally, Jessica and I attended so that we could watch our little man's reaction to Santa Claus!!!

Jaxson and all his buddies

He's really watching Santa tell that story!

Corley Crew with Santa

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Corley Crew X-Mas Card

We took our family picture for our yearly Christmas Cards a few days ago. Thought I would scan it in and upload for all to see.