Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Big Dinner

While we were home this weekend, we attended the yearly McKnight Cemetery Dinner. The dinner serves a dual purpose: (1) it is a fund-raising event for the upkeep of the cemetery grounds and (2) it is a great opportunity for the local community to have a "reunion" and catch-up with those who now live some distance away.

My family has been long involved in the McKnight Dinner long before my days on this Earth. So, it was only fitting that Jaxson attend his very first "Big Dinner" event. Below are a few pictures.

Brian, Kaden, Cody and Jaxson
Brian, Kaden, Cody and Jaxson
(What a classic picture...I'm sure Kaden will thank me when he grows up! HAHA!)

Jaxson and Cody ringing the Church bell
(this told the crowd that it was time to eat)

Jaxson and Uncle Jason

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Jaxson's First Swim

Jessica slowly eased Jaxson into the swimming pool this afternoon! As you can see, HE LOVED IT! They both had such a good time splashing around together. Jaxson's little legs were continuously kicking!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Mini Me?

My sisters bought us these shirts when Jaxson was born. We tried the onesie on Jaxson this weekend and it fit! So, we tried to snap a picture of us together.

As you can tell, the picture is not the greatest quality. This is because Jaxson is a "man on the move" and getting him to actually pose for pictures is near impossible.

Mini Me? (you be the judge)

New Swing for Jaxson

Jessica has been telling me that the swings at the day care put Jaxson to sleep. Well, we finally bought one for you can see, he didn't last long!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Hurricane Ike - Houston, TX

We dodged a bullet with Hurricane Ike! Jessica and I didn't have any major damage from the storm! There was a mess to clean up, but none of the pine trees fell on our house. We also didn't have any flooding.

As a matter of fact, our street had power shortly after the storm came through...we were literally part of the 1% of Houston that had electricity! Amazing...

Below are some pics of our house after we got home. (my buddy Kevin and his wife Sarah helped us clean it ALL up already!)

Picture of front of house

Two sections of fence in the backyard were blown over

View from Front Porch

Bags of pine straw, leaves, etc.

Front of House after clean-up

Pile of limbs after clean-up

View Down our Street

View of house after clean-up

Hurricane Ike - Rusk, TX

Jaxson and Dad in Back Yard in Rusk - Waiting on Hurricane Ike to Blow in

Hurricane Ike - Rusk, TX
View From Lewie and Elaine's Front Yard

Hurricane Ike - Rusk, TX
View From Lewie and Elaine's Back Yard

Jaxson's New Bouncer

We had to evacuate for Hurricane Ike this past week. While the event was rather stressful, Jaxson did get to see our East Texas families! As a matter of fact, he was able to meet Taylor and Zack for the first time. They came to Cushing before the Hurricane rolled through!

Jaxson and Taylor

Jaxson playing in his new bouncer!

Zack and Jaxson

Lewie and Elaine bought Jaxson a new bouncer. We took it to Cushing to show everyone how much he enjoyed jumping!

Jaxson Jumping Away!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Papa Joe and Grannie Came to Town...

My Mom and Dad came to Houston this weekend. No doubt about it, Jaxson had plenty of attention!

We had a great time visiting and playing with the big are below.

Oatmeal with some Sweet Potatoes...yummy!

Jaxson and Grannie

Jaxson loved Papa Joe's Beard

Jaxson discovered he had a "Papa Joe Jungle Gym"

Happy Fella'

Corley Boys

I think the Grandparents are Happy.

Jaxson with the best Mama Ever!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Jaxson's First Tooth Is Here!

Look closely....Jaxson has a tooth that has broken the skin! Bring on the Steak and Taters! Yeehaw!