Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A new Nichols has Arrived!!!

Brian's Baby

Brian and Heather Nichols are pleased to announce the arrival of their son, Mr. Kaden Nichols! The new baby boy arrived today, March 20, 2007 and is doing great!

He is currently at the Texas Children's Hospital in Houston. Mom, Dad, and Big Sis, Kristene, are all doing great!

Welcome to the WORLD, Kaden!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Laneville Yellowjackets

Brian Nichols is the head coach of the Laneville Yellowjackets. This year, he took his team all the way to the Texas High School Basketball Championships! Laneville ended up losing the state championship game, but they sure did have one heck of a season!
Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, presented Brian and his team with the silver medals...see the top photo. Perry is on the far left (back facing the camera) and Brian is on the far right (facing us).
Jessica and I really enjoyed watching the games and then we went out in Austin for the rest of the evening!

The Rocket Club is my home away from home!

Jessica and I recently went to training in Wallops Island, Virginia for 2 weeks. NASA has a base there that is shared with the Air Force. So, even though we were in a classroom most of the time, we still saw several jets and helicopters flying around.

BUT....the best thing is that this base has a bar on-site! They have dorm rooms at Wallops (more like little hotel rooms), so there is rarely a need to leave the base. So, after dinner we all would just slide over to the "Rocket Club" for some libations and darts!