Saturday, May 31, 2008

Happy Baby!

Jessica and I have snapped a couple of great pictures of Jaxson Lane. His personality continues to develop every single day!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Jaxson is 6 weeks old!

Jaxson is changing so much lately. He is starting to develop a definite personality and the grunts, laughs, and giggles continue to emerge from his little body.

He is almost 11 pounds already and is right at 24 inches long....GROWING TOO FAST for Mom and Dad!

We are enjoying him so much. We love having him here!

Jaxson's Six-Week Old Picture

Reading Dr. Seuss...

Jaxson and Dad in the Recliner

Cody and Jaxson catching an afternoon siesta

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Jaxson Goes to Galveston

Since we were off of work today, Jessica and I decided to get Jaxson out of the house again. So, we loaded up the car and decided to head towards Galveston. We mostly just rode around the island and looked at things, but we absolutely had to get out of the car and take a picture of Jaxson on the beach! (See Below)

Jaxson and Jessica

Jaxson and Cody

Jaxson's First Lunch Outing

Jessica and I were brave on Sunday...we ventured out of the house and took Jaxson out for lunch! We went to a locally ran seafood joint down in Kemah (Captain Wick's) and treated ourselves to some jumbo fried shrimp. Luckily, we had a nice shaded seat outside on the deck. The breeze was just enough to keep Mr. Jaxson snoozing the entire time we ate (thank goodness...we had already discussed how to covertly exit the premises if Jaxson decided to throw a fit! HAHA!).

Mom with the Big Chief

Happy Dad

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Jaxson made his first trip to East Texas this past week! Jaxson slept most of the way home. So, the drive was much better than we anticipated.

Jaxson was introduced to Cushing and Rusk over the 3-day stay. He was able to meet a few new faces and get re-acquainted with some family that he hasn't seen since his birth!

Mom and Jaxson getting settled in for the ride to East Texas!

In Cushing with Grandma, Great-Great Aunt Peggy, and Cousin Vicki

Uncle Jason and Jaxson

Aunt Gina and Jaxson

Cody, Great-Great Aunt Audrey, and Jaxson

Great-Great Uncle Ben and Jaxson

Lavenders Visit

Aunt Pat, Uncle Richard, Steven, and Cheryl all came by the house last Saturday to meet the new addition to our family. Jaxson was a little fussy, but, all in all, we had a really nice visit.

Jaxson with his Great Aunt Pat

Jaxson with his Cousin, Steven (Great Uncle Richard in the background)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Jaxson's First Neighborhood Stroll

Jessica and I loaded Jaxson up this afternoon and took him for a stroll up and down the street. His big, blue eyes were wide open and he was really paying attention to things! We didn't keep him out too long though! Just won't be long until he will be playing in the dirt and throwing a baseball!

Dad is ready!

Jessica, Jaxson, and Austin

Rusk Visitor

Mrs. Betty Horton was on her way to her Bay House in Galveston today and decided to stop to meet our newest edition. We had a great visit with Betty and her sister. Jaxson really liked her! He was "out cold" the entire time she held him!

Betty Horton and Jaxson

Jaxson and Dad

While Jaxson and I were sitting on the couch, Jessie decided to snap a few pictures. The two below were really good ones (at least I think - haha!). Enjoy

Cody's and Jaxson's hands

Proud Pop

Cody's Family Came Back to Houston!

My family made another trip to Houston last weekend. They just couldn't wait to see Mr. Jaxson!