Sunday, February 08, 2009

More Fun...

Jaxson had a very busy Sunday. He and his mama played all day long while I was at the library studying. Then, when I got back that afternoon he was primed for some rough wrestling. But, once the Grammys came on the television, I had to scoop him up and show him a few dance moves. He was bouncing and shouting along with the music!

Cody and Jaxson Dancing to Live Music from the Grammy Awards

Jaxson showing Mom his "I can make this car go real fast" face!

Trip to the Shuttlesworths

Mike and Tracy invited us over to their house in Spring, TX on Saturday. It is only about a 40-mile drive from our house. So, we loaded ourselves up and headed over there around noon. Brian, Tifani, Lance, and Lori also drove in for the evening. It had been over a year since I had hung out with all my old high school buddies.

In addition, it was the first time that Jaxson had met Reagan! See below!

Cody, Jaxson, Reagan, and Mike

LJ and Brian

Monday, February 02, 2009

Grandparents Came To Houston

My Mom and Dad came to Houston this weekend! Jaxson immediately confiscated Papa Joe's baseball cap and began to put on a show. They ended up spending a lot of time with you can see from the last is hard to tell who wore who out!

Jaxson is Laughing!