Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Back in the United States!

Italy 2006 - Vatican Museum

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Italy 2006 - Colosseum

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Italy 2006 - Pisa

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Well, we have been back in the US since the 16th, but I am just now having time to make a new post. Attached are a few more pictures and video clips from our Italy trip. I should be posting more pictures to my Yahoo photo album very soon for everyone to enjoy...the link to my Yahoo pictures is on the right --->

Needless to say, the trip to Italy was amazing! Jessica and I definitely had the time of our lives!

Friday, November 10, 2006

We are in Italy!!!!

We have just about completed our first week in Italy!!! We could not have picked a better time of year to come. The weather has been perfect and the sites have been out of this world! We have been to Assisi, Florence, Portofino, Santa Margariti, and we are staying Montecatini....so much to see and do (and eat!!!). haha

We head to Pisa and Lucca tomorrow and in 2 days we will be going to Rome! We will have 3 days there before flying back home. Anyway, enjoy the pictures and we will talk to you guys when we get back to Texas.