Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dec. 20 - Santa in Houston

Since we were traveling up to East Texas for the Holidays, I placed a call into the North Pole this year. Santa granted us a special favor by delivering Jaxson's presents to our home in Houston early. Jaxson must have really been on Santa's "nice" list!

Mom arose early to find what Santa had left. So, she made sure Dad was up with the video camera in hand so that we could capture Jaxson's reactions to his new gifts.

Jaxson's new kitchen and picnic table

Who wants breakfast?

Jaxson loves whipping up some "ice cream" for everyone to taste!

Santa left Jaxson with a starter train set

Ernie and Rubber Ducky bathtub toy

Tearing them open

Where to Begin?

Spring will be here soon - BASEBALL TIME!

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