Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jimmy - Our Elf on the Shelf

After Jaxson's bath tonight, we heard something at our front door! Come to find out, someone had left a present for Jaxson! It was an "Elf on the Shelf"!!

We carefully opened the box and discovered our own personal elf. We then read the elf's personal story of how he had been sent to watch over us. It is the elf's job to fly back to the North Pole every night and report to Santa exactly how we have been behaving. But, the elf will always be back before the next morning and will be hiding somewhere in the house so that he can observe us. There is one very important rule, however. We can never touch the elf. Touching the elf will strip him of his magic flying powers and then he can't talk to Santa to tell him what presents we want for Christmas.

We were also instructed that the elf needed a name immediately. After a little deliberation, we all settled on the name "Jimmy."

I can't wait to wake up in the morning so that Jaxson and I can see where Jimmy will be waiting for us at...'Tis the Season!

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