Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Galveston - Sept 17, 2010 Weekend

We rented a beach house in Galveston this past weekend in order to have a family get-together. Although the weather didn't cooperate, we still had a great time!

Cody and Jaxson

Jace and Aunt Jocey

Cody and Jaxson

The Gresham Gang

Gina and Jo Lynn

Jace and Jason


Jace and Jason

Papa Joe, Jaxson, and Aunt Jocey

Gina's Feeling Good!


Jaxson Lane

Jace and Papa Joe


Aunt Jocey and Jaxson

Papa Joe and Mama Shelia

Jason and Jace

Mama Shelia and Jessica

Playing in the Galveston Mud

Jaxson and Cody

Jaxson's Ready to Get Dirty!

Jo Lynn

Papa Joe

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