Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jaxson's "Tent"

Do you remember the big set of tunnels Jaxson received from Papa Joe and Nanny? (If not, click here.) Well, Jessica set up the main part of the tunnel in the living room and Jaxson has been treating it as his "tent." As you can imagine, everyone that comes by the house is forced (by Jaxson) to venture into the tent! Lewie and Elaine were down this weekend and as soon as they walked into the door, Jaxson grabbed them by the hands and led them to his favorite place. See below.

Jaxson and Lewie in the "tent"

I laughed so hard at Lewie's feet sticking out of the tent!

Jaxson got them both in there!

Looks like he's had enough! LOL!

Jaxson and Lewie Goofing Around

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