Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Jaxson's First Haircut

We took Jaxson to Milford's Barber Shop in Nacogdoches this past weekend for his very first haircut! The Milford's have been cutting hair in Nacogdoches for many, many years. My dad, Papa Joe, has been lifelong friends with the Milford brothers.

As you can see below, my first haircut was given by James Milford. We thought it would be fitting for Mr. James to give Jaxson his very first cut too! Enjoy the pictures.


Cody's First Haircut - Feb. 7, 1981 (approx 14 months old)

Jaxson's First Haircut - June 6, 2009 (approx 14 months old)

Jaxson wasn't phased one bit.

But, Mama was...a few tears over her beloved curls.


Papa Joe, Cody, Jaxson, and Mr. James Milford

Jessica, Cody, Jaxson, and Mr. James Milford

Looking Good, Jaxson!

Mission Accomplished!

Our Grown Up Little Boy

Grannie and Jaxson (his first ever sucker too! - What a day!)

Happy Fella!

Everyone Has Fresh Haircuts. No doubt, I believe Jaxson looks best!

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