Saturday, November 08, 2008

Halloween Pictures

Jaxson first Halloween was great! While Jaxson wasn't sure what the big deal was, it is safe to say that Jessica and I had a lot of fun! Below are some pictures from Halloween...

Jaxson on the move at daycare

Jaxson loves the ladies at daycare

Grannie and Papa Joe showing Jaxson how to count...he was amazed!

This is what Jaxson looks like after his Daddy feeds him...not quite as neat and clean as when his Mama does it.

Jaxson with "Mee-Maw." She is one of the ladies that looks after him at daycare. He laughs so hard when "Mee-Maw" plays with him.

Jaxson and "Mee-Maw" (aka Mrs. Lora)

Cody, Jaxson, and Mrs. Christie
(Mrs. Christie is Mee-Maw's is a family-owned business....they really take care of our big guy)

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