Monday, September 15, 2008

Hurricane Ike - Houston, TX

We dodged a bullet with Hurricane Ike! Jessica and I didn't have any major damage from the storm! There was a mess to clean up, but none of the pine trees fell on our house. We also didn't have any flooding.

As a matter of fact, our street had power shortly after the storm came through...we were literally part of the 1% of Houston that had electricity! Amazing...

Below are some pics of our house after we got home. (my buddy Kevin and his wife Sarah helped us clean it ALL up already!)

Picture of front of house

Two sections of fence in the backyard were blown over

View from Front Porch

Bags of pine straw, leaves, etc.

Front of House after clean-up

Pile of limbs after clean-up

View Down our Street

View of house after clean-up

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