Sunday, August 24, 2008

First Corley Crew Family Vacation!

We ventured away from Houston for our first-ever family weekend vacation! We drove south down to Rockport, Texas and stayed at the Lighthouse Inn. We had a great time! We didn't do anything very exciting, but we did take full advantage of playing with Jaxson!

Rockport is very soothing and has lots of local eateries and restaurants within walking distance of the hotel. So, we would just load Jaxson into the stroller and take off! Pictures of our weekend are below.

Jessica and Jaxson at the Boiling Pot Cajun Seafood Restaurant. Notice how they both needed bibs!

All the walls and ceilings were covered with customer artwork. So, Jessica created a tribute to Jaxson to tell the world (or at least Rockport) that he had been to the Boiling Pot!

Chicks Dig Him

He was asked "why do chicks dig you?" In response, he stated, "because of these guns!" and began flexing his biceps!

Early on Saturday morning! He awoke happy and ready to play!

View from our room

View of Gulf of Mexico from our back-porch rocking chairs

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