Monday, November 19, 2007

IT'S A BOY!!!!!

Hello All!

Today has been one of the absolute best days of my entire life!

We went to the doctor today for our 20-week ultrasound and found out that we were having a BOY! After some gentle persuasion, our little fellow let us see right where it counts! While the nurse wouldn't say 100% sure if it was a boy, she stated that in her opinion it was as much as a boy as she had ever seen! HAHA! So, needless to say, we feel pretty dang confident about the sex of the baby!

Below are some of the pics from today (click on the picture to enlarge it). However, since I don't want my son (yes, I said "my son") to be black-mailed with naked pictures by some of you dirty rotten scoundrels in the future (HA!), I have chosen to keep the "money shots" off the blog for now. (I figured if anyone is going to use those as ammo for future embarrassment, it is going to be his parents! HAHA!!!!!)

Head Profile

Face on the left with beside his head

View of both feet (they are close together). You can see the left foot really good, but the right one is barely showing on the top side.

Great shot of one of his hands!

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